AC22 Cotta System

AC22 Cotta Facade System catalog has been renewed. It is in the appendix.

Technicial Specifications ;

Ø As Standard Implementation;

  • It is possible to apply lamella with equal lengths between axles.

Ø As the Original Application;

  • Each lamella can be used in different joints and sizes.
  • With its unique lamella length, it provides the possibility of symmetric and  unsymmetric  joint application without being attached to the axles.
  • It is suitable for different architectural designs due to its original structure.
  • Coping in lamella form, eaves and finishing detail options are possible.
  • Allows application to the structures between -20° and +70° angles.
  • With the epdm wick in the form of lamella used between the joints in original applications, it increases the joint impermeability of the coated facade and absorbs the lamellar expansion.

Ø Other Features;

  • Possibility to apply Cotta Panel profile in the range of 15-25 cm.
  • Maximum profile length can be used as 7 meters.
  • It can be painted in requested Ral colors.
  • It is durable.
  • Provides practical application and aesthetic appearance on the exterior.
  • Does not require maintenance and cleaning.