As Akpa Aluminum, who has been the leader for 35 years when it comes to improve the standards in the aluminum sector, we would like to announce that we are making another invesment.

In addition to the existing powder coating facility which has the yearly capacity of 15.000 tons, Akpa has pressed the button for a new powder coating facility investment that has the yearly capacity of 25.000 tons.

Akpa Aluminum emphasizes on developing with an innovative approach and continues to grow with a new powder coating facility investment which has a capacity of 25.000 tons per year. The new line, which can work on profiles with maximum length of 8.10m and maximum weight of 90kg, is planned to be operational in the second quarter of 2021.

Akpa Aluminum has made an agreement with the Italian company Euroimpianti for the construction of the new powder coating facility and the Swiss company Gema for its equipment.


Fatih Caliskan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Akpa Aluminum, said “With its technology, capabilities and modern equipment, our factory raises quality standards in all sectors where aluminum is used, especially the construction industry. With new investments, we aim to strengthen this fact even more. Akpa Aluminum has a special position with its innovativeness, brand value, communication, sales and marketing skills. We are aware of our strengths in this journey. With our business partners, we are strong together.”