We Offer Special Solutions to Your Projects

Our experts in the production and R&D department are ready to respond to customer expectations in terms of technical information and product development. The system part offers our customers solutions for the right product, the right application and product development.

Our Project and R & D departments continues their efforts to increase the performance of Porch, Winter Garden, Guillotine Glazing, Insulated Glass Balcony, Handrail and Hidden Sash Window Systems, Ultra Sound, Water, Heat Insulated Slidings and existing systems.

Our Project and R&D departments presents it to the customer’s eveluation by providing the ergonomic, design-fit, financial budget after completing the Project and R&D studies for the incoming project requests.

Technical support is provided for detailed studies for the projects where the systems will be used, and drafting for curtain wall.

It provides both pre-sales and after-sales service by preparing a list of material requirements in a practical way, in the form of advice at the proposal stages.

It is important to work in cooperation with architects and engineering branches. Informing design offices and technical offices; It offers services such as the promotion of new products, the provision of printed advertising materials, technical support on systems, project analysis and customer-centered presentations.