Akpa Aluminium, which exports to more than 50 countries in 5 continents,took part in the Eurasia Window Fair with its innovative products.

Akpa Aluminium displayed their new products, highlighted with different features, which were favored by customers from different countries. Visitors’ interest in new products were intense.

The IBC40 Heat Insulated Folding Balcony Glazing System is one of the new products that was showcased at the fair. It stands out with its higher thermal insulation compared to other balcony glazing systems and the fact that it can be applied to balconies with various angles.

Another new product is HVT67 Hidden Vent System. With its concealed hinges, it successfully combines aesthetics with high performance.

Latest addition to the product range:PS90 Glass Canopy and Porch System.Besides its snow load carrying capacity of 90 kilograms, it has a long span of life and elegant look. It is distinguished by being an easily applicable product that can be preferred by people who care about simplisticdesigns in decoration. PS90 Glass Canopy and Porch System can be applied side by side for wider solutions.