The Story of Akpa:

A company, which managed to carry its long-established infrastructure into the future

Çalışkan family went into business in the late 1980s, selling aluminum and PVC accessories in a 24 m² size shop. This small workplace, which can be regarded as the first step of today’s Akpa Aluminum, has aimed to grow gradually and always do better, by working undauntedly and very hard, like a small colony of bees. As is the goal for a colony of bees to rapidly expand the hive, the goal of Akpa was to expand the company. Having an inspiring history of entrepreneurship, Akpa Aluminum managed to act with the patrimonial entrepreneurial spirit as soon as it has risen with the sales of plastic and aluminum accessories, and bought the plastic factory in 1992. This purchase also symbolizes the birth of Akpa Aluminum as a manufacturing company. Akpa Aluminum, just as a bee that works hard to produce the best honey, has worked very hard to expand its range of services and products. Akpa Aluminum has increased its production capacity with the investments it has made. Once was a small sapling, Akpa Aluminum has gradually became a mighty plane tree, a rooted plane tree that gives confidence, loyalty and peace to those under its shadow. The honey leaking from the honeycombs that resemble a plane tree was formed into a bottomless and endless world that is just like an ocean, embracing everyone. Thus, the technology that produces aluminum profiles to the world caused a tiny colony of bees to turn into a deep ocean. Life is an endless sea just like the ocean. Foreseeing the future, adopting a solution-oriented approach, and with a conviction to always doing the best together, Akpa Aluminum survives in this endless sea and, has the characteristics of a brand that directs life, just like an ocean current. Akpa Aluminum, which has structured its long-established infrastructure as such that it could carry it into the future, continues to produce contributing to Turkish economy, and shapes the future with solid and confident steps not toppling down, as does a plane tree.