WD59T Yalıtımlı Kapı ve Pencere Sistemi

WD59T System and Technical Specifications;

  • It has a wing carrying capacity up to 130 kg.
  • You can apply single and double opening mechanisms by the new wing profiles with PVC and Euro channels.
  • System glass dimensions are min. 10mm and max. 42 mm.
  • There are two different glass combinations in the system according to the new and existing wing profiles.
  • The lath channels of the new wing profiles are designed as flush from the inside.
  • All heat barriers are Polyamide, all wicks are EPDM.
  • A 24 mm heat barrier is used in the system.
  • More stable corner compositions of the wings provided by using stainless corner miter in the new frame and wings.
  • Max. wing size is used as 1300x2800 mm.